Another fine victory for Philippine United again, extending our unbeaten record to 5 games, winning all 5. Before the game started we had a minute of silence for all the flood victims in the Philippines, which was a nice gesture from our Founder, Leo Jensen. Philippine United won another cup game 6-3, against Langbury in a game which was spoilt by horrific winds considering the shocking weather. The first 20 minutes, we played the best football, ...

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    We played away from home, but managed a great victory, winning 1-4. The 1st half was very tight, with us just edging better in the possession stakes. For the first time this season we went behind, from a 25 yard effort. Only a short while after, Jerriel Cajigas, collected the ball, left his marker, and sent a crashing shot, from 20 yards, at an acute angle, giving their keeper no chance. It stayed 1 - 1 at ...

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  • PUFC Update 09-20-09

    It's Norm Parkin again with the update report on Philippine United F.C. Well I'm sure all you PUFC fans out there (especially you guys in the Philippines) will be glad to hear that our winning ways just keep on going, with a great away victory against Oxhey 0-6. We played some great football in the first half, but only just scraped one goal in 5 minutes from half time, and what a good goal it was, ...

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  • PUFC Update 09-15-09

    Just sending you my weekly report on P.U.F.C. and you will be glad to know that we won again in the league, beating Millend F.C. 1-3, away from home with a hard fought victory. Scorers were Richie Caparros, who just got back from injury, Jason "the Beast" Arroyo, and a late penalty from Aniello Mone. We made hard work of it, but we were always in control of the game. Good performances from Eddie Guevarra again, and ...

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  • PUFC Update 09-06-09

    Just writing to tell all you football fans that we won our first game in the league, winning 3-2, against Maple Cross and to be honest we should have won by a lot more goals. We created lots of scoring chances, but our finishing was not up to par. Alas we won, so the end result is what counts, Yes! The scorers were Michael Cepillo, 2, and Anelio Mone, 1. Jason "The Beast" Arroyo was voted by ...

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  • PUFC Update 08-27-09

    Hi football fans everywhere, especially in the Philippines, as I have an interesting issue for you. Mr.Mari Martinez, your very own P.F.F. President arrived in my native England, about twelve days ago, and received a very good welcome from everyone concerned with Philippine United. F.C. The main reason for his trip here was to see Philippine United play, and see what potential there was in the team and hopefully some of them good enough for the Philippine ...

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  • PUFC News 08-12-09

    Despite not reached the final, PUFC had a good Asian cup . We defeated the Thai team with 4-0 in the match about the third place after a hattrick of Jerriel Cajigas. The semifinals : PUFC - Vietnam FC 1-2 China FC - Thai UK 4-1 third place: PUFC - Thai UK 4-0 Final: Vietnam FC - China FC 6-1 Defender and Club Captain, Renee Banao won the award as PUFC's best player of the tournament.

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  • PUFC Update 07-26-09

    Well, all I can say is that at the moment, things are getting very exciting in England, as we are all preparing for our very own LONDON ASIAN CUP, involving our team Philippine United, and three other teams; Vietnam, China and Thailand. The other teams are strong, as they have been playing together for quite some time, but we aim to give them a good run for their money. The highlight of the competition will be ...

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