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ARE YOU A FOOTBALLER AND HAVE A DREAM ONE DAY TO PLAY FOR THE AZKALS YOUR NATIONAL TEAM PHILIPPINE UNITED CAN HELP YOU TO MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE , LIKE WE DID TO ROB GIER, WHO IS NOW ONE OF THE BEST DEFENDERS FOR THE AZKALS.. Also few players from our successful team in London from 2009-11 have been on trials there and Jason Arroyo played few friendlies for them and he has even been on a trial for the famous FC Barcelona. And from our team in Manchester we found Mervin Evangelista who is now playing in the UFL League in the Philippines for FC Forza and has been playing for the Azkals U/21 and soon will be on the first team. PUFC will now together with PFF the Philippine Football Federation PFF in Manila start up a team in a Yorkshire league next season and will set up a trial in Sheffield on Saturday, 9th of May. We would like to invite players from all over UK from that trial, not just Sheffield and surrounding areas . If that’s appealing to you please send us an email with your name, age, contact number and your position on the football pitch. Our email is Or simple just click on Contact us here and leave a message. Or you can also leave a message on our facebook: PUFC Yorkshire And we will contact you ASAP. Remember at least one of your parents have to be Filipino if you want to play for the Azkals. We hope to see you soon in our team

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