PUFC Update 08-27-09

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Hi football fans everywhere, especially in the Philippines, as I have an interesting issue for you.

Mr.Mari Martinez, your very own P.F.F. President arrived in my native England, about twelve days ago, and received a very good welcome from everyone concerned with Philippine United. F.C.

The main reason for his trip here was to see Philippine United play, and see what potential there was in the team and hopefully some of them good enough for the Philippine National team. Also, another reason was to meet the coaches from the English Premier League, and see what they had to offer in experience to the coaching side and also if they would be interested in having an academy in the Philippines with their funding, etc.

Well the trip was a huge success, in all departments, starting with the meeting of the coaches. Remember also that we are talking about meeting some of the best coaches in the world, as the English Premier League is the best league there is at the moment.

The coaches who Mr. Martinez met were as follows:

Roy Hodgson Fulham F.C.
Roberto Martinez Wigan.Athletic
Neil Warnock Crystal.Palace
David Moyes Everton F.C.
Brian Marwood Manchester City
Sam Alladyce Blackburn Rovers
and my beloved Sheffield Wednesday team coach, Brian Laws.

The meetings went especially good with Blackburn Rovers as they are very interested in doing something with the P.F.F. in the future, and Crystal Palace have offered to let my Philippine United team train at their ground and even play a friendly game against one of their teams, as did Sheffield Wednesday also.

Neil Warnock was very accommodating, Mr. Martinez said, because of my old friendship with him, as we played together at Chesterfield F.C. many years ago, and we have kept our friendship in good stead.

Also Myself, Mari Martinez, Steve Conroy, and Leo Jensen had the pleasure of watching two Premier League games; Blackburn against Manchester City, and then Wigan against the champions Manchester United. The third game was a EUFA Cup game between Fulham and Amkar Perm (Russia). We enjoyed the hospitality of the three home teams with Director’s box seats, and all the trimmings that went with them, (food, drink, etc.).

Secondly, Mr.Martinez watched our game against Manchester East and thought that we had done more than enough to win the game, but the score was tied at 1-1, with our very promising young center back Jeffrey Burgin getting the Man of the Match award from Mr. Martinez, just closely beating Raymond Tordicella.

We start our season in two weeks time, and have already beaten Oxhey F.C. who play in our division 7-1, so things are looking very good indeed for P.U.F.C.

The one issue here that is very encouraging is that the president saw some good prospects in our team, that he thinks will be knocking on the door of the national team very soon.

As you all know that I am the head coach of P.U.F.C. and I have picked a squad of 24 players from about 60, in a short time, and I really feel that we are going to be a force to reckon with. My team believe in their ability and they have asked me if in the very near future, if they can play against the Philippine National team, and are confident of getting a result.

Remember! These Filipino players of mine, were born here in England and one thing they have that Filipinos born in the Philippines don’t have is that passion for football, and it runs in their veins because England is where this wonderful game originated from.

I hope you enjoyed the good news and remember to keep a close eye on the only Philippine team in England, PHILIPPINE UNITED.

Keep the faith, after all, what else is there really to talk about.

Norm Parkin

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