PUFC Update 09-20-09

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It’s Norm Parkin again with the update report on Philippine United F.C.

Well I’m sure all you PUFC fans out there (especially you guys in the Philippines) will be glad to hear that our winning ways just keep on going, with a great away victory against Oxhey 0-6. We played some great football in the first half, but only just scraped one goal in 5 minutes from half time, and what a good goal it was, by Jason “The Beast” Arroyo.

It would have been more if not for Oxhey’s keeper pulling of some great saves, especially a blockbuster free kick from Raymond Tordecillo. After the break, we just broke them down with endless attacking football, with further goals coming from Anelio Mone with 2, Michael Cepillo, Renan Ramos, and a cracker from Jeffrey Birgin (his first ever).

Good performances came from Michael Cepillo, Jeff Burgin, Eddie Guevarra, but Man of the match was Raymond Tordecillo, who was outstanding in the first half. The one thing that I was particularly pleased with was the way we played always moving the ball, as of the other games (even though we won them), we were hogging the ball and trying to walk the ball home.

Overall, you could say that I am a happy man with the start of my teams progress, as we are now top of the league, by two points, and the best goal tally, so take care until I send you the next issue of our PHILIPPINE UNITED F.C.

Keep the faith,
Norm Parkin

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