PUFC History

PUFC was founded in 2008 after a trial was held in Manchester together with PFF in Manila Philippine Football Federation to find talented players here in UK, who might have a chance one day to play for their national team.

As most of the players that time turned up from London, further trials was held there with more than 60 players involved and a final team of 24 joined a league in Watford in West Herts Div 2 in 2009 and the PFF President Mari Martinez came here and he was very impressed what he saw.

Under his visit here in England he met together with PUFC several managers from the Premier league and the Championship with hope to bring back some inspiration to raise the standard of football in the Philippines.

In our first season PUFC was promoted to Div 1 in West Herts league with only 2 defeats and unbeaten home record and we also won the London Asian Cup.

Furthermore we found Rob Gier who is still one of the best player for PFF . Also one of our own players Jason Arroyo played some friendlies in Manila for PFF and he was even on a trial for the famous FC Barcelona.

In 2010/11, PUFC finished in top 4 in West Herts Div 1 but unfortunately, every success has a price, and without much funding and donation it was hard to travel from Manchester and Sheffield down to London every Saturday with our own expenses, so the following year we set up another PUFC team in Manchester. But with mixed nationalities as that time it was hard to field a full team of Filipinos. Our team in Watford continued under the name of Philippine Football Club and was relegated to Div 2. They later withdrew from that league to play in a Sunday league in Central London.

In 2013, sadly former PFF President Mari Martinez passed away after long illness caused by 2 major strokes, but as PUFC still keep a close relationship with PFF in Manila to find talented players here in UK, it is our goal to set up a strong team of Filipinos again here in near future.


Latest: At the moment, Norm Parkin is writing a book which included interviews with big legends he played alongside and against in his playing career in the 70s. The proceeds from that book will go to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.