As we have now got a new face on board, PUFC will get a new and bigger structure from 2017 not just in UK but also in the Philippines. New coach Klaus Larsen joined our club in 2016 , and we have been very pleased to welcome him. Klaus is like the Founder original from Denmark, and has lived in the Philippines the last 5 years , where he has been coached youth from all over the ...

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    ARE YOU A FOOTBALLER AND HAVE A DREAM ONE DAY TO PLAY FOR THE AZKALS YOUR NATIONAL TEAM PHILIPPINE UNITED CAN HELP YOU TO MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE , LIKE WE DID TO ROB GIER, WHO IS NOW ONE OF THE BEST DEFENDERS FOR THE AZKALS.. Also few players from our successful team in London from 2009-11 have been on trials there and Jason Arroyo played few friendlies for them and he ...

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    A protest and appeal of the result 0-14 against Ashton West on Dec 9 has been sent to Manchester FA as we could only field 7 players including 2 new players and NO goalkeeper against Asthon's 11 players. Instead of our right to cancel because of the league rules with less than 8 players we took the challenge like a test and a friendly match. The other match that day between Audenshaw v Rainbow FC was ...

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  • PUFC results and fixtures 11-26-2012

    Rainbow FC v PUFC | 0 - 5 Dec 9 | PUFC v Ashton W End @ 2pm Dec 16 | PUFC v Real Mancs @ 2pm

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  • Philippine United F.C. Manchester, win 14-0

    Yes!!! that was the correct score line, in last Sunday's game between PUFC Manchester and St.George. As all you followers of PUFC know already, we started PUFC down in London, in 2009, and we were very successful, finishing runners-up the first year, and also won the Asian cup the following year too... Leo Jensen is the founder of our club, and myself, the Head Coach, with Steve Conroy my assistant coach, and now we also have an ...

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  • PUFC Results 11-12-2012

    Nov 4 | MCF V PUFC | 0-2 Nov 11 | PUFC v St Georges | 14-0 (Big match report to follow by Norm Parkin)

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    SEPT 23 | PUFC - ST GEORGE FC | 1-0 OCT 7 | ASTON WEST END - PUFC | 3-2 (match details to follow later from coach Norm Parkin) OCT 21 | No matches in Manchester Central league Instead training for PUFC 1pm in Soccerdome NOV 4 | MCF V PUFC NOV 11 | PUFC V ST GEORGE FC NOV 25 | RAINBOW FC V PUFC All 3 matches are 2pm kick off

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  • Manchester Football Association Welcomes Philippine United FC to the New International League 2012/13

    As Manchester United and Manchester City dominate the premier league in England as well as the champions league in Europe; the Manchester FA has currently set up 2 new leagues for Division 1 and 2 to get more grass roots and international players into football. This is a great opportunity for PUFC, as it give us the chance to gain more experience and to develop as a team, so hopefully we can succeed in the ...

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  • PUFC update 12-20-2011

    Our first training in 2012 will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2pm in Soccerdome Trafford Park Manchester M17 8DD

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    Over the last 2 decades Manchester United have dominated in the Premier league and now with neighbours Manchester City in the top stronger than ever and winning the FA Cup last season with United's 19th league title most football is now focused up here - and even the BBC have moved their studios to Manchester, where they now broadcast the famous Match Of The Day live every Saturday. In 2008 Philippine United had their first trial ...

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