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Well, all you PUFC fans in the Philippines and elsewhere, I bet you’re wondering what’s happened to your columnist, yours truly.

Quite simply nothing has happened because I have nothing to report. At least nothing to report on a current game of ours because our games over the past two weeks were cancelled through the unpredictable English weather. I also feel that there will be a few more cancelled shortly due to our bad winters.

The good news is that next week the battle of the two best teams in the division will take place for the second time this season with Philippine United winning the first encounter 2 – 1. Since then our opponent, Maple Cross, have gone on a winning streak of 8 wins and only one loss in the cup, so we are in for a very high profile game hoping we can come through with flying colors.

What I can still print is that we are still the only unbeaten team in our league which is pretty special seeing as we have been competing since August this year. Also I would like to take time out for a big thank you to Mr. Mari Martinez, for fully backing us in every way possible and who has just donated a second set of uniforms for PUFC as we didn’t have a second color for obvious reasons and now that our website is almost ready, we can now get sponsors that we need so much to keep going as we are a somewhat nursery team to the Philippine National team and the development of our players can only strengthen the national squad for sure.

Mari Martinez and myself have a special relationship when it comes to trusting each others judgement on players abilities and has asked me to recommend players from Philippine United who, might better any of the Philippine National teams starting from the under 19 team and upwards. Already I have answered that call with the inclusion of 4 PUFC players for the under 19’s.

Anielo Mone – stiker – the best finisher in the team
Jeffrey Burgin – centrback – the best header in the team
Eddie Guevarra – fullback – the best kicker in the team
Jason Arroyo – midfield – the best dribbler in the team

These 4 young men will be an asset to the young national team as they are all still in their teens, and I’m sure a couple of them will be ready for the main team in the very near future.

This brings me to my last issue which concerns sponsorship. Like I said a while ago that PUFC website will be up and running, so we desperately need sponsors of any kind to back us as it is expensive here in England to keep up with everything for running a football club.

Two reasons why I feel I have to appeal to you all:

One is that you can all see that what we are all doing at PHILIPPINE UNITED is certainly working as you only have to look at our great start to the season. Our record speaks for itself so, don’t you all agree that we need to keep this winning team going?

Two is because we are the nursery team to the national team and we need to keep developing players from England who have that Football-Blood born in their veins which, can only be good for the Philippine Football Federation in every way.

Anyone out there who believe in the football culture of tomorrow, please contact me on my personal email address:

I would be most grateful to hear from you so come on all you PHILIPPINE UNITED fans out there, come and support your team of the future. You’re not able to support us when we are playing, but you can support us so that we can keep on playing. Until next week, once again keep the faith.

Yours in football,
Norm Parkin

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