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Here we go again with the games called off. The English weather has been quite bad and nearly all the games throughout England have been cancelled. After a great start to the new year, last week with a 6-0 home win over Oxhey. F.C., our game yesterday, against Harpendon Rovers looked like being another good victory as we beat them 5-0 in September.

Well one good story that I have to write about is that I got a call from my good friend and PUFC Founder, Leo Jensen, telling me that two guys had contacted him all the way from the U.S.A. asking if it is possible to have a trial with Philippine United. Not only are they willing to come over to England for the trial, but they offered to pay for the trip with their own money. Well it just shows how PUFC has gone global and I find it really commendable that they are willing to do that.

Also I would like to add that the Philippine National team has appointed a new coach who comes from England, just like yours truly namely, Des Bulpin.

I must admit that I think that appointing a fellow Englishman can only be good for football in the Philippines and certainly good for PUFC as Mr. Mari Martinez suggested that we would be working together monitoring the players for PUFC as to make the National team stronger and I personally think it is a very good appointment and may we all at Philippine United wish Des a very successful term in the Philippines and let’s hope that he can fill the gap that has been so long missing in Philippine football.

Hopefully and I say hopefully, because I’m not sure what the weather will bring, that I will be here next week telling all you PUFC fans about another great victory by us.

Take care and keep the faith.

Yours in football,
Norm Parkin

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