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To make a report for Philippine United is not always easy, especially after our very first match here in the North West of England.

With a brand new team set up within the last 3 weeks with mixed Filipinos and non-Filipinos as required from the Manchester FA, most of the players hardly knew each other and with only 2 trainings session behind us, we were thrown into the lions cage and our first match against Acress Inn FC, who won their league in Hyde last season and were transferred over to the Tameside league division one and favorite to win it, it was a big challenge for our new team.

We may have joined the strongest league in Manchester, so we are not expected to win that, but we are here to learn a lot, and with hopefully the best Filipino players in the north of England to join us during the season we can progress a lot.

Despite of the 3-8 defeat in our first match, it showed we have a lot more in that team, and we were praised by our opposite Acress Inn and also by the referee, who had blown the whistle for many years in that league and he was convinced, we will not be far from our first win and many more to come.

And after our first 45 minutes, where we fought for every ball on the pitch and only 2-1 down with a penalty missed and had plenty of chances, but also caught off side 7 times we could have come out a lot better for the second half.

Unfortunately with lack of fitness and less experience than the opposite it fell a bit apart the last 45 minutes. But our goalkeeper John Henn was not to blame for any of those goals scored against us. He actually had a lot of great saves as well . He is normally a defender but with one GK injured and the other on holiday John agreed to step in and a very big applause to him for his help.

Some of our other Filipino players was also away on holiday and couldn’t make it so it was very difficult for our team. and they shouldn’t be blamed for the result and tried their best and the future for PUFC still look great.

Our 3 goals was scored by the more experienced Usama 2 and Khalid 1 who had joined PUFC from Sport4life together with Gregory who was Man of the match. These 3 has played together for some years and a big thanks for their help.

Next Sunday September 12 we have no match but a big training and trial where we hope to see many new Filipinos from the North West and it will be held on our home ground 4-6 pm

50 Wembley Road
Gorton Education Village
Manchester M18 7 PG

Our next match will be away to Vibes Fc on September 19. More info will appear here later.


Leo Jensen
PUFC Founder

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