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Saturday, May 22nd we finished our season with only our second loss in the league this season. This time to Hemel Hempstead 2-4 . We beat them 7-0 earlier this season at our home ground, but in this last game they fielded most of their Premier League players; not quite fair in Division Two, but it was a great challenge for us. We actually had lots of chances to win the game and even missed a penalty, but never mind, we were already promoted to Division One.

If it was not for Norm and Steve we would never have achieved all of this. Norm has changed the games many times this season when we have been down to become a winning team. I would like to thank him and Steve for their great work and I look forward to working with them in Division One. Also a big thanks to Norm’s wife Precy, who has done so much for PUFC off the field.

I’d also like to thank our new members of the club Andy Villalba and Luiz Fernandes Cuervo. They arranged a great end of season party for us in London and helped to connect us to more members of the Philippine community. I’m sure we will get a lot of new supporters next season with their help.

Many thanks also go out to the Philippine Embassy in London and Deputy Chief of Mission Reynaldo Catapang, who provided our trophies and awards at the party.

Also a big thank you to Adrian Williams, Chairman of Philippine Generations, who helped generate interest for the club when we were starting and introduced us to many of our players. Thanks also to Edward Lao, who has followed PUFC’s progress from the beginning and been there to support the team at many of our matches this season.

I was also very pleased to see many more supporters had turned up to watch our final game. This was thanks to Allan Avellaneda, Chairman of the Philippine community in Watford, who helped to spread the word about our team. They have also promised to follow all our matches next season which is fantastic.

The Philippine Football Federation in Manila has also been there for us from the start and provided our team kits. Thank you to PFF President Mari Martinez, Leopoldo Arnaiz,and all the staff in PFF and especially to Mr Weisen who has helped us with our website here from the start

I must of course thank all our players who turn up every Saturday to play their hearts out for their team. Some of them have even brought their parents along to provide great support.

Without all these people mentioned we couldn’t have made a successful PUFC team.

Finally, my last and biggest thanks goes to my lovely wife Nenilin and our daughter Michelle. They have both endured so much and always stood by me when I most needed it. They have travelled with me every Saturday, making a 400 mile trip to Watford to keep this team together. We now look forward to a long break this summer for our family.

Yet, before next season there will still be some small activities going on in the community and for PUFC. On June 12th there will be a tournament in London organised by Philippine Generations. We hope the Philippine Independence Day World Cup will help us to discover more talented players. For more information on this you can go to the Philippine Generations website.

The following month, July, I will be back in Watford with Norm and Steve to arrange some trials for new players for PUFC.

Some time in August we will once again be participating in the Asian Cup, and we aim to make it up and win the competition this year.
Last year when PUFC was on stage One we were only one goal away to reach the final.

More information about the Asian cup and our trials will appear here soon.

Have a great summer all of you and see you again soon.

With many thanks and Mabuhay!

Leo Jensen

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