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This afternoon we had a tough game scheduled for us at Tring F.C. Before todays game, the opposition were lying just behind us in the league table, so we were ready for a tough encounter.

We started well enough, with good approach play, on both flanks, but the Tring defence was a hard nut to crack.

Time after time we attacked in numbers, but we just could not break them down.

The breakthrough came in the twenty fifth minute, through top scorer Anielo Mone, who put the finishing touch to a good move, making it 0-1. Within a minute, the same player doubled his account, shooting from close range to make it 0-2.

We pressured and pressured, going for the third before half time, but it stayed that way until the interval.

There was not much to criticize at the break, only that we needed to open their defence up more, and we did just that, right from the start of the second half.

Anielo Mone should have made it three, but his shot hit the post. Luckily, Jason (the Beast) Arroyo was at hand to slot ithome, making the score 0-3.

After sixty five minutes, the game was wrapped up when Raymond Tordecilla put the final nail into Tring’s coffin with our fourth goal.

I have to say that Tring never gave up, and tried very hard to get back into the game each time we scored, and even though they let four goals in, they did defend with great heart and determination.

I also have to mention that we started without our two centre backs, Renee Banao, and Garey Reyes. To make matters worse, our stand-in centre back Chris Tordecilla, went over on his ankle, and had to come off after thirty minutes.

Luckily for us we had our star defender Jeffrey Burgin back in the team. He is one player that I can always rely on to take charge of the back four, and with Ryan Suyat along side him, they were a formidable pair.

Also, good performances came from Jason Arroyo and keeper Engelbert Cepillo. Marco Ordona had his usual greatgame in midfield and is a real asset to the team.

I was particularly very pleased with forward A.J. Ross, who came on for the last twenty minutes, and showed great confidence in going forward on several occasions.

The Man of the Match went to Eddie Guevarra for his good defensive work and good deliveries down the line…… I call him STEADY EDDIE for the obvious reason. One thing aboutEddie is that he will always give you 100%, is always ready to learn more about the game, and always strives to improve.

Once again, Philippine United have delivered, and if we do not lose next week, then our unbeaten record will stretch tosix months, which I feel very proud of, being the Head Coach of a team, that has only been playing together for less than a year.

Take care all you Philippine United fans and hopefully next week we can reach that wonderful achievement. Keep the faith as usual, until next week.

Yours in Football,
Norm Parkin

NB: We should normally have played Tring at home, but because of flood on our ground the previous day, the inspector decided to cancel all matches there in the last minute, Luckily Tring’s ground was ok and because we haven’t played them away yet, we agreed to change the venue with them.

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