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With two games still to play, Philippine United have gained promotion to Division One of the West Hertfordshire league, in their first season playing in it, which is a wonderful achievement to say the least.

Aside from being promoted and commended for being the cleanest team in Division Two, we also won two awards from the league.

B: and TOP GOALSCORER in all divisions. Our 19 year old goal-machine Aniello Mone has scored 41 goals in only 21 games, which is a feat that has never been achieved by anyone before in the West Hertfordshire league. With two games to go, that tally could become higher.

You can all see that United have had a great first year and are hoping for even better things next year. We are growing as a team and it’s a shame that the new Philippine national coach Des Bulpin was unable to watch any of our games as I’m sure he’d be impressed.

My guys certainly have skill in abundance… and although we know we may not be playing in the best league in England, we have to start somewhere, and look how well we have done despite all the challenges we’ve faced. It is obvious that we belong somewhere with higher standards, as we have been killing off teams by four, five, even six goals at a time. Our players have football running through their veins and I’m sure that their well-known British grit would be an asset to the Philippine national team.

Talking of skill, what about my winger, Jason (The Beast) Arroyo? He was recently in London, and entered a Nike contest, stationed by the one and only, FIFA player of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a speed and control test, held at Arsenal’s ground, The Emirates, between 60 top players from different regions, and Jason recorded the second fastest time in the whole country. He has now been invited to train with the mighty Spanish team Barcelona, in a few weeks time, which is a fantastic achievement by a Philippine United player. Ronaldo himself set the course, so you can all see that it was not a low level contest, but one to catch the eye of players and fans everywhere.

We have players with brilliant skills, just ask the fans who watch us every week. I don’t care what standard they play in, skill is skill, and given the chance, my guys would love the chance to play against the nationals, so hopefully some sponsors will get my team over to the Philippines, and we will show you all what my guys can do.

I genuinely feel Des Bulpin would only benefit from looking at United’s players and I hope that he does come to see us play in Division One next season.

I would like to wish him all the best with the national team and I know with Des being English, like myself, is that he will have them fitter than they have ever been, and stronger. So as I said a few months ago, he would be good for Philippine football, but the national team would be just that little better with a few of my players in it. Haha, sorry Des, I had to finish with the last word. Keep the faith all of you, until next week.

Yours in Football,

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