Neil Etheridge and Chad Gould on loans for Philippine United FC

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Since Philippine United was formed after a successfully trial in August 2008 to find coming players for the national team and joined a league in West Hertsfordshire in North London in September 2009 , they have got a start , no one would even have dreamed about.

After 16 matches they are the only unbeaten team in the entire league there with 42 points and a goal score of 74-22 and 31 of them scored by wonder striker only 18 years old Anielo Mone.

PUFC are 3rd in that league but have played 3-4 matches less than the top 2 team and last Saturday they defeated the second in that league with whole 7-2.

With 8 games left they are expected to promote to Division 1 there and with hopefully an unbeaten record for the whole season

And now they have got a big help from Neil Etheridge and Chad Gould who has followed PUFC since the start. And last week PUFC Founder and director Leo Jensen had a talk with Fulhams manager Roy Hodgson and as he has agreed that Neil can play for PUFC on a 3 months trial starting from April 1 , 2010 and if that succeeded he can start for that team for a shorter period when they promote to Div 1. Neil is looking forward to work with his Filipino team mates here in UK.

Also Chad Gould is looking forward for that challenge and he think by playing alongside the new wonder boy Anielo Mone could lead to a new striker partnership for the national team and he is convinced that PUFC will promote to a higher level and he would not deny playing for them in the future .

Before the start of the season Mari Martinez visited UK and monitored the team and he was impressed what he saw. Also on his tour in he visited several manager from the Premier league together with Leo Jensen and those meetings turned out very positive and they have all agreed to do something to help Philippine Football and at the moment Leo Jensen is arranging some friendly matches for PUFC later this year to play the reserve and academy teams from the premier league.

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