Message from PFF President

In behalf of the whole Philippine Football Federation, we would like to congratulate the whole of Philippine United Football Club (PUFC) for finally having launched its own website. PUFC has been instrumental in assisting Filipino football players, not just in the United Kingdom, but the whole of Europe as well, who want to help the Philippines find its place in World Football and to establish their careers in the sport that we all love. Now that PUFC already has its own website, I am confident that soon, Filipinos not just from Europe, but all over the world, will stand up to help the Philippines find its way to making the countryís football dreams a reality.

We also would like to commend your efforts for putting up this club as this became one of the best venues in reinforcing the current Philippine National Menís Senior and Youth teams. With this said, we hope that we continue to support one another to promote Philippine Football.

Again, congratulations and all the best!

Jose Mari C. Martinez